LRC Token


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Circulating Supply

The current circulating supply is 734,089,390 LRC, 52.6% of the total LRC supply.

NOTE: There is a discrepancy regarding the circulating supply between this document (734,089,390 LRC) and (561,167,415 LRC as of Jan 17, 2018). This is because we use different standards; the Loopring Foundation considers the LEAF fund as part of the circulating supply although only a portion of it is actually in circulation.

The foundation controls the following addresses:

Address LRC Balance
0x7B22713f2e818fad945AF5a3618a2814F102cbe0 (iceboxm, circulating in 2 years) 279,015,212
0xB7bb1E956beF65F22B32b04f230159040Dcb1829 1,924,388
0x1C2bF1A1Cfdf2D2aA401735Da5996F8171C81C5f 42,324,661
0x959c6b8574b779A1E7d709e4966Ec2C8F8ABa4b4 54,001,284
0x85e64Df825c6397904Fe4A366629112079C64858 48,214,413
SUB-TOTAL 425,479,956

The following addresses contain LRC that are burned by either the foundation or some users (Nobody can transfer these LRC out to another address).

Address LRC Balance
0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 20,000,000
0xEF68e7C694F40c8202821eDF525dE3782458639f (LRC Token Contract) 119,186
SUB-TOTAL 20,119,186

Additionally, the following LRC are not under our control but will not circulate until their respective stated times.

Address LRC Balance
[addresses not available] (institutional investors, circulating after Sept 2018) 100,065,000
0x239dE3a0D6ca5f21601f83327eA2174225eB7156 (long-term plan, circulating after March 2019) 115,322,523
SUB-TOTAL 215,387,523

We consider the aforementioned three groups of LRC not in circulation, therefore we have:

Address Group LRC Balance Percentage
Foundation 425,479,956 30.5%
Burned 20,119,186 1.4%
Institute Investors 100,065,000 7.2%
Long-term Incentive Plan 115,322,523 8.3%
Circulating Supply (including LEAF and mid-term incentive plan, see below) 734,089,390 52.6%
Total Supply 1,395,076,054 100.0%

LEAF (Loopring Ecosystem Advancement Fund) was set up to support the development of the Loopring ecosystem. Currently 16.8% of the total supply was put into LEAF, and we will put an additional 3.2% in the next four years.

Address LRC Balance
0x9952F869f12a7af92aB86B275cFa231C868Aad23 (LEAF-1) 44,754,486
0x51018afFFaD06730D5b815486e6d9acE7bA99409 (LEAF-2) 161,094,855
0x81A5c6392c4DBE91fC942FA2010563c88D830Cf4 (LEAF-3) 27,876,599
0x8b34fbc553db3462ad4909f2e5577cc22f63c216 (Mid-term incentive plan) 39,261,025
SUB-TOTAL 272,986,964

Please note:

  1. Loopring foundation is determined to reward a considerable portion of LRC tokens to developers, partners, and community contributors; the circulating supply will increase over time.
  2. All the above numbers are collected and calculated on Sept 25th, 2017 and may not be updated in time to reflect the facts when you read this document.